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Capstone Strategy

The Krafty Brat is a customized home décor business for anyone who enjoys customized pieces for their home. This business creates customized doormats, outside welcome signs, and much more. The Krafty Brat has an online Etsy store to purchase their merchandise. This business needs to increase brand awareness to help increase sales, follower count, and engagement. With brand awareness, The Krafty Brat can become a more successful business.

In addition, I believe social media will help to expand The Krafty Brat. Social media helps to promote the business and products. The Etsy shop attracts potential buyers to The Krafty Brat’s products. A pop-up shop will display the business’ customized pieces which will help with sales, and more social media exposure will help with engagement and increase follower count. This PR campaign will ensure more success for The Krafty Brat.

For The Krafy Brat there are SMART goals that I have for this PR campaign. For instance, an increase of one hundred followers on social media at the end of March will help with exposure and social media engagement. Also, The Krafty Brat will have to post three times with hashtags daily to drive traffic to their social media account. Lastly, boosting brand engagement monthly will help the Krafty Brat gain more exposure. All these SMART goals will help the Krafty Brat succeed.

Moreover, the KPIs the Krafty Brat will use to measure each of these specific SMART goals are LOB Revenue vs Target. Also, I believe my client should use the KPI LOB Expenses vs. Budget & Sales by Region. I believe that an increase in the number of followers on all social media platforms, posting at the best times on all social media platforms, posting consistently on social media, using hashtags, developing a marketing plan, and scheduling post. The KPIs for my client are sell a product/service, and LOB Expenses vs. Budget & Sales by Region. These KPIs will be beneficial for my client’s success.

Furthermore, the metrics used to measure successful tactics for The Krafty Brat are simple. First, will be to reach engagement levels. This will help with the social media and how the target audience responds to their post. Secondly, posting flyers on social media about the business will help bring exposure to the business. Thirdly, by increasing conversions from social by 10% in a two-month span will help the Krafty Brat business. Fourth, having The Krafty Brat’s profile show up on the explore page will ensure to get the follower count to increase. Fifth, share a voice will be beneficial to The Krafty Brat to see how talks about the business online. Sixth, using social media analytics will help navigate how to manage social media accounts. Seventh, likes on social media will help with the engagement. Eighth, comments will allow target audience to interact with The Krafty Brat. Lastly, shares and retweets increase the number of engagements.

Equally important, the goal to increase social by 10% in a two-month span will help the ROIs. This will help the business tremendously. The follower count will increase and bring engagement to the Instagram & Tiktok accounts. Also, the increase of one hundred followers by March goal will help The Krafty Brat gain potential clients to purchase their merchandise.


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